Eco Innovation Awards 2022

FALL 2022 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 49 7. GRADIANT DEVELOPING AND DEPLOYING CLEANTECH WATER SOLUTIONS Gradiant used its Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) technology to provide sustainable wastewater treatment services in Singapore for GlaxoSmithKline. The goal was to install a zero-liquid discharge wastewater treatment plant to safely process the wastewater from amoxicillin products affecting yields and waste disposal under unique COVID-19 restrictions. Gradiant's CGE process effectively mimicked the rain cycle to treat the industrial wastewater via humidity and resulted in a 96% water recovery rate and 30% capital expenditures and 40% operating expenses savings compared to competitors. 6. SHARED-X REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE AT ITS BEST Shared-X integrates its soil microbe-nourishing biotechnologies into an impact farming system that improves soil carbon sequestration, farmer income, and farm health. It has improved soil carbon concentration by 3.5x and smallholder farmer incomes up to 5x. Shared-X invents and licenses biology-based regenerative agriculture solutions covering a range of applications including bionutrients, biostimulants, microorganisms, and biofortification agents. It has conducted field trials in over 15 crops in over 10 countries with strong results. It goes beyond organic standards to improve soil-based microbial nutrition, which, in turn, more effectively nourishes crops and lifts smallholder yields. USING CARBON LABELS ON FOOD TO RAISE CLIMATE AWARENESS NICK KENNER, CEO In 2020, Just Salad became the first U.S. restaurant chain to carbon label its menu — using carbon labels to create its in-store Earth-Friendly menu board, which features lowcarbon, plant-based options, and the “Climatarian" lifestyle filter on its online menus, which creates a list of items with the lowest carbon footprints. After the menu launch, Just Salad saw a nearly 10% jump in sales of these items. "As a leader, it’s about finding talented people who buy into your mission and setting a high bar for successful execution," says Kenner. "My advice to other business leaders looking to make a meaningful difference would be to prioritize the environmental impact that their business will have on future generations, in addition to being fully committed to doing things that are good for the planet across operations. Today, good business means doing good for the environment; there’s no incentive to not make real change. Collaboration is the best way to achieve something truly meaningful for your business. Last year, for example, we partnered with organizations like Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition and Zero Foodprint to fund tree-planting and regenerative agriculture. The support of our partners has helped our team innovate and create impact in ways we couldn’t do as easily on our own." 5. JUST SALAD ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 KEEPING SHINGLES OUT OF LANDFILLS MIKE FEAZEL, CEO Roof Maxx is a national roof maintenance company that developed a plant-based formula to rejuvenate and strengthen aging asphalt shingle roofs. Its product and service protects homes and reduces construction waste from premature 8. ROOF MAXX roof disposals in a safe and environmentally friendly way. It has treated an estimated 50 million square feet of roof, reducing the unnecessary fiberglass and chemical waste and keeping asphalt shingle roofs out of landfills. "Transformational change comes from setting big audacious goals and leading without authority," says Feazel. "The organic nature and interconnectedness of those working at Roof Maxx is allowed to thrive by having these common goals and by having the autonomy to do what needs to be done and make their own interconnections within and beyond the organization. Company leaders remind and motivate those within the organization and a network of dealers about the impact they have on families in their communities and the environment. An important part of the work is motivating the national network of dealers on the importance of keeping roofing debris out of landfills. Always sell the big picture and rally the troops to action. You have to sell the big picture. People work for passion now — not money — and you have to keep that passion alive. When you give people the freedom to be creative and part of something bigger, more than not, they will rise to the occasion."