Eco Innovation Awards 2022

50 REAL-LEADERS.COM / FALL 2022 ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 PLASTIC NEUTRAL PET FOOD PACKAGING GREG CYR, CEO In 2020, Nature’s Logic™ premium pet food introduced the first Certified Plastic Neutral product in the plastichungry pet food industry. The company funds women-run micro-businesses in India to pull ocean-bound plastic out of the waste stream and recycle it — recycling at least one pound of plastic for every pound used. "There are a number of factors that impact change within an organization," says Cyr. "A commitment to ongoing education, an openness to new ideas or new ways of tackling issues, clear lines of communication, and the cultivation of strong, positive corporate culture allow transformational change to be possible and impactful. My advice is to focus on doing the right thing. It sounds simple, but by putting the focus on your corporate values, you start moving in the right direction. Then you can build your roadmap to expand more effectively and really start to take action and see results. It's an exciting and rewarding enterprise. We’ve all heard the old adage “it takes a village.” Working together to tackle important issues is key. We’ve seen in our own business that the success we have is because of the collaboration of our team." 11. NATURE’S LOGIC 13. SOLBERG MFG REDUCING HARMFUL POLLUTION FROM INDUSTRIAL EXHAUST Oil mist aerosols are pollutants, noxious to breathe, and create a dangerous work environment. Solberg MFG products are used to capture visible oil mist aerosols before they are freely exhausted. The aerosol goes through the different stages of filtration and in the process oil mist coalesces into a liquid that is drained into either a safe disposal container or back into the engine/equipment to be reused. The oil mist eliminator filters are designed to help ensure environmental compliance while keeping work spaces clean, safe and free of oil mist. Solberg MFG went from capturing 279 millions gallons of oil in 2010 to 499 million gallons of oil in 2020. 12. CARLTONONE ENGAGEMENT FUNDING THE PLANTING OF MORE TREES With over 5 million users across 185 countries, CarltonOne Evergrow eco-action business model funds the planting of millions of trees every year, removing billions of pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere and fighting deforestation and poverty in Madagascar, Nepal, Mozambique, Indonesia and Kenya. This eco-action vision mirrors its product mission to help companies better engage their teams and customers with purpose. It is on track to plant 100 million native trees every year by 2023. 9. TERRACYCLE TACKING PPE WASTE Globally, public recycling systems are in decline. As the industry is struggling to process the new influx of PPE waste due to COVID-19, TerraCycle, which specializes in the collection and repurposing of hard-to-recycle postconsumer waste, has developed recycling solutions to address this public health and plastic pollution crisis. Upon collecting PPE waste, it breaks it down and uses the material to create new items such as plastic shipping pallets, railroad ties or outdoor furniture. By providing these turn-key recycling solutions, TerraCycle hopes to demonstrate that recycling can be rewarding while being a win for the environment too. 10. MOLEAER COMBATING HYDROGEN SULFIDE WITH NANOBUBBLES In October 2021, residents of Carson, California, and adjacent neighborhoods were impacted by an odor from the Dominguez Channel, as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels reached 7,000 ppb. Residents reported headaches, nausea, sore throats, and burning eyes; 3,200 were temporarily relocated. Moleaer was contracted by LA County Dept. of Public Works to use its patented nanobubble technology to increase oxygen levels and combat the H2S production. Moleaer installed 14 nanobubble generators along the Channel, treating up to 60 million gallons of water per day. The technology provides hyper-efficient gas transfer and injects air nanobubbles, 100 nanometers in diameter, into the water. Currently, H2S levels are near pre-incident levels and residents have returned home.