Eco Innovation Awards 2022

48 REAL-LEADERS.COM / FALL 2022 1. SUNWEALTH POWER POWERING GREEN JOBS & ENERGY SAVINGS FOR COMMUNITIES Sunwealth finances community-based solar projects that provide diverse communities with clean power, carbon reduction, cost savings, and green jobs. It partners with skilled local installers, community organizations, businesses, and investors to change who benefits from solar by changing the way it invests in it. Recently, Sunwealth partnered with the New York City Housing Authority to install the largest community solar project in NYC on the largest affordable housing development in the country: 1.8 megawatts of rooftop solar gardens on 27 buildings in Queens, New York. 2. PROCTER & GAMBLE KEEPING FORESTS HEALTHY FOR GENERATIONS TO COME Procter & Gamble is putting its purchasing power and clout behind efforts to increase the number of Forest Stewardship Council®-certified lands in the world. Through its Charmin, Bounty, and Puffs brands, P&G collaborates with suppliers, NGO partners and others who source from forests to promote responsible forestry. Its “Protect, Grow and Restore” strategy is designed to increase the number of FSC-certified forests, grow two trees for every tree it uses, and restore areas that have experienced damage through wildfires and other disasters. In three years, P&G doubled its use of FSC-certified fiber to 75%, with the goal of reaching 100% by 2030. 4. GREATVIEW ASEPTIC PACKAGING COMPANY REDUCING THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF BOTTLED WATER Elix Water replaces standard non-renewable oil-based bottles with paper-based bottles 100% sourced from FSC-certified forests. The company supplies paper bottles to the New World Group’s hotels across China, and then recovers and recycles post-consumer paper bottles. To date, New World Hotels have replaced plastic bottles with 314,664 paper-based packages, saving 1,990kg of oil and reducing 7,756kg in CO2 emissions. ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 “YOU MUST FULLY COMMIT TO YOUR GOAL AND INSPIRE YOUR TEAMS SO THAT THEY CAN BETTER UNDERSTAND THEIR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND IMPACT.” — HAKAN BULGURLU, ARCELIK FIGHTING MICROFIBER PLASTIC POLLUTION STARTS AT HOME HAKAN BULGURLU, CEO With synthetic microfibers being the most prevalent type of microplastics found in water and a major cause of plastic pollution in our environment, Grundig launched a new washing machine with FiberCatcher® technology that empowers consumers in the fight against plastic pollution — that catches up to 90% of synthetic fibers released during wash cycles, helping to protect waterways, oceans, and marine life. "To enforce a social and environmental transformation within the business community, we need effective and driven leadership," says Bulgurlu. "People are no longer interested in 'star CEOs' of the last few decades. The challenging social, economic, and environmental state of our world today shows that we need a leadership style that values social and environmental justice. What we need is a servant leader — someone who does not stay separate but walks with others, who serves the community, rather than the bottom line. If you do so, the bottom line will follow. This is not always an easy task. The advice I would give to business leaders is to lead by example and be the first one willing to go that extra mile." 3. ARCELIK HOW WE RANKED THE TOP 50 Real Leaders seeks to advance the impact company movement — proving that businesses can make a positive impact on the world, while also growing, thriving, and achieving financial success. To determine which companies made the Top 50 list, Real Leaders evaluated each entry based on creativity, innovation, originality, and measurable impact and then used 5-year growth rates to help determine the ranking. We also recognized the Top 10 Ones to Watch, and the Eco Innovation Allies who greatly assist others in making an environmental impact. Additionally, we asked a few CEOs to give their opinions on successful impact leadership, including what makes transformation possible, what advice they have for other CEOs to generate more effective action, and why collaboration is the future of social impact business practice."