Kerry Siggins, StoneAge Tools

“ This is an extraordinary podcast on leadership, that no only shares key insights and provokes thought, but does so with great energy. –C_L_CEO (iTunes review) Reflect Forward isn’t your everyday leadership podcast. This show is about exceptional leadership. Game–changing leadership. Learn from peers, experts, authors, and more on how to be an uber successful leader... one that stands out from the rest. In every episode, you’ll gain insight on how to: • Lead through difficult situations • Handle stress & prevent burnout • Learn from your past failures • Embrace your flaws • Scale your company • Inspire & motiviate • Build a people-centric company • Improve communication • Build an inclusive team • Lean into your passions New episodes every week SUBSCRIBE TODAY on your favorite podcast platform Stay tuned for the release of Kerry’s new book “THE OWNERSHIP MINDSET” (Sneak peek included in this magazine!) TRANSFORM Your Leadership Listen to the podcast Reflect Forward: Conversations on Leadership