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SPRING 2023 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 7 REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS 2023 9. SUNRISE BANKS The mission of Sunrise Banks is to empower financial wellness. They offer traditional banking products and services, but their niche is developing innovative ways to ensure everyone has a fair stake in the financial industry. They partner with fintech companies to streamline the way consumers access and interact with their money. "As an impact leader, my job is to walk the talk and stick to our mission and values in everything I do," says CEO David Reiling. "Being an impact leader means making tough decisions and removing barriers so that my team and those we influence can focus on using their unique abilities to create positive impact. My biggest challenge has been convincing the corporate world that doing well financially and being a force for good aren’t conflicting narratives — in fact, your mission will add to your profit margins. I overcame this by setting an example: We have consistently increased profits while basing our business around closing the financial equity gap. Collaborative leadership is taking every viewpoint into account, from the C-suite to the teller. Every decision we make affects a great number of people, and we've realized that more input leads to better outcomes. I want to hear from our frontline workers about decisions at the bank; I also want to know how the community feels about these decisions. A diverse set of voices helps drive decisions representative of all stakeholders." www.SunriseBanks.com HEALTHCARE 1. CVS Health 2. Smile Brands 3. Goodroot 4. Warriors Heart 5. Florence Healthcare 6. Behavioral Framework 7. Caldera Medical 8. ResolutionCare 9. Mytonomy 10. Doktuz 11. Medicalincs 12. Real 1. Aspiration 2. Freedom Mortgage Corporation 3. Lemonade 4. NedBank Group 5. Beneficial State Bank 6. Pathstone 7. 4G Capital 8. Climate First Bank 9. Sunrise Banks 10. Clearinghouse CDFI 11. Sensiba San Filippo 12. Mission Wealth 13. Jitasa 14. DGW Branded 15. Veris Wealth Partners 16. Genus Capital Management 17. Impact Investment Exchange 18. Husk Power Systems 19. Parliament Capital Management 20. Sonen Capital 21. MACKEY 22. Transform VC 23. Montcalm 24. Green Retirement 25. Emerald Built Environments 26. Clean Fund 27. GK Ventures 28. MB Pension & Benefits Group 29. Net Purpose 30. Beyond Capital Ventures FINANCIAL SERVICES “The beauty is in the problem – don’t let hard work get in the way of creating something great. Opportunities are often disguised as challenges. A successful leader sees possibilities where others see roadblocks.” — David Reiling, CEO, Sunrise Banks