Holly Ruxin, Montcalm TCR

JOIN THE MILLION TREE CHALLENGE While some leaders talk about sustainability, you can actually get trees in the ground. Join the Million Tree Challenge to support reforestation in our iconic National Forests. ONETREEPLANTED.ORG/MILLION 800-408-7850 JOIN THE CHALLENGE REAL LEADERS IMPACT AWARDS 2023 19. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICE Facilities Management Service focuses on physical and financial health. Its flagship programs include Working Your Way Home, which dismantles barriers to home ownership for employees (9 new homeowners since 2021); Freshstop Markets, which provides fresh fruit and vegetables every other Friday during summer months for FMS employees and their families; Rideshare, which provides rides to and from work for folks without transportation, and Working Your Way to Wheels, which aims to provide car ownership to 50 employees over the next 18 months. Programs are designed to positively affect the physical and financial health of employees. "Being an impact leader means that I value our company's efforts around our social mission; as much as I value our operational and financial successes," says CEO Scott Koloms. "Helping our people and communities is a core component of remaining profitable and financially healthy for the long-term. My biggest leadership barrier was, and continues to be, learning to balance the needs of individuals and the needs of the organization. I don't think I'll ever overcome reflecting on and identifying boundaries in my efforts to be a transparent, authentic, and empathetic leader." www.fmspbc.com “Our legacy won't be found in a profit and loss statement. It will be found in how we cared about the people we worked with that day in and day out.” — Scott Koloms, CEO, Facilities Management Service