Eco Innovation Awards 2022

FALL 2022 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 53 ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 24. GREEN ANTZ BUILDERS TURNING WASTE INTO CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Green Antz Builders Inc. processes almost all types of plastic, as well as organic, inorganic, construction, industrial and other types of waste. Utilizing its in-house innovation center, it developed over 20 types of proprietary solutions, which include bricks, pavers, pre-casts, plastic-infused roads, and many more. It has 40 community-based upcycling centers and hundreds of collection points across Philadelphia. 25. PATH TACKLING PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE WASTE PATH sells bottled water in a sturdy and refillable aluminum bottle, aiming to revolutionize the industry and lead it towards a more sustainable future. The bottle is meant to be refilled and reused by the customer multiple times. When it comes time to be recycled, the aluminum particles do not break down like plastic particles do. To date, PATH has prevented over 163 million plastic bottles from landfills and has set an ambitious goal to prevent 10 billion single-use plastic bottles from entering a landfill over the next few years. 26. BENEFICIAL STATE BANK A BANK WATCHING ITS CARBON FOOTPRINT To Beneficial State Bank, being carbon neutral in its operations is important for slowing climate change, but it is not enough. The majority of a bank’s carbon footprint does not come from its branches or other offices; rather, a bank’s contribution to greenhouse gases occurs indirectly, through loans and investments. Beneficial State Bank engages third-party evaluators to calculate its carbon footprint. In addition, it has begun using Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials methodology to measure and disclose the carbon footprint of its loans so that it can set targets to reduce its own portfolio’s emissions and achieve net-zero. It seeks industry-wide disclosure and radical transparency. 27. VIVOPOWER INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR HARD-TO-DECARBONIZE SECTORS VivoPower is an international battery technology, electric vehicle, solar, and critical power services company, founded by Arowana. Since January 2021, VivoPower has secured commitments for 7,825 electric light vehicle conversion kits. Furthermore, it partnered with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to organize the world’s first net-zero carbon match in elite-level football. In addition, it was awarded a contract to complete all electrical works for the Blue Grass Solar Farm, creating about 400 local jobs and avoiding over 320,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. 29. LOGICAL BUILDINGS REDUCING GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS FROM BUILDINGS Logical Buildings’ GridRewards and SmartKit AI use smart meter data to provide energy savings. Clean energy conversations tend to focus on the supply side: replacing fossil fuels in our energy mix with carbon-free. Logical Buildings’ idea was to focus on one thing building owners and utility customers can control: their energy demand. By empowering people with the tools to monitor and respond to their energy data in real time, it enables action on the demand-side of the building emissions problem. As a result, in just two years, it has helped New York and Westchester residents prevent more than 200 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. 28. CLEAR BLUE COMMERCIAL SAVING WATER THROUGH TURF CONVERSIONS Clear Blue Commercial is a property management services company focused on making its buildings as sustainable as possible. It specializes in turf conversion, a process of replacing waterhungry grass with mulch-based, droughttolerant landscaping as a way to reduce water usage at the buildings it manages. It calculates that its turf conversions save over 3 million gallons of water annually. “RESEARCH CONSISTENTLY FINDS THAT ACHIEVING LARGE-SCALE, ENDURING SOCIAL CHANGE REQUIRES COLLECTIVE AND COORDINATED EFFORTS.” — KRISTINA SKIERKA, POWER FOR ALL