Eco Innovation Awards 2022

58 REAL-LEADERS.COM / FALL 2022 ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 50. FLOREON TRANSFORMING THE ENGINEERING PLASTICS INDUSTRY Floreon offers brands a low-carbon alternative to the materials they use today and allows them to move away from halogen-containing flame retarded materials by switching to its patented plant-based plastic. The plant-based plastic has a low carbon footprint, the durability necessary to compete with engineering plastics used today in the electronics and electrical industry, and meets the rigorous safety and performance criteria. The base material of Floreon (the polymer PLA or polylactic acid) has a carbon footprint that is up to six times lower than competing oil-based plastics such as ABS. TOP 10 ONES TO WATCH Ando Digital banking that allows consumers to deposit money without having it used for fossil fuel investments. Bioastra Technologies Using its Smart Polymer Platform to produce all-compostable surgical face masks. Climate First Bank Provides central Floridians with financial resources to invest in cutting-edge clean energy solutions and proactive climate adaptation. eLeapPower Tech solutions that will help electric vehicles go farther, charge faster, and be more cost effective. NYC Plover Project This all-volunteer effort was founded in March 2021 and partnered with the National Park Service to protect the Piping Plover and its habitat. Pali Institute Educating students on the impact that food waste has on the environment. Relocalize Seeks to eliminate the “chain” in our food and beverage supply chain through automated micro-factories that produce products hyper-locally. Rise An online store of vetted, sustainabilityfocused products that allow homeowners to make planet-friendly home choices. Vayda Aims to increase the number of regeneratively farmed acres in the world. Currently farming on 3,500 acres in Missouri and Mississippi. World Centric®Leaf+ An all-natural, 100% plant-based, fully compostable, alternative to fluorinated chemicals in disposable fiber tableware. THESE ECO INNOVATIONS ARE FROM OLD AND NEW COMPANIES ALIKE – WITH PROJECTS, PRODUCTS, OR INITIATIVES THAT ARE VERY RECENTLY OR SOON-TO-BE LAUNCHED. REAL LEADERS LOOKS FORWARD TO FOLLOWING THEIR PROGRESS IN THE MONTHS AND YEARS AHEAD. WANT TO BE RECOGNIZED BY REAL LEADERS NEXT YEAR? Real Leaders is currently accepting entries for the fifth annual Real Leaders Impact Awards honoring the world’s top impact companies, and using Real Leaders Force for Good formula which takes into account 5-year growth rate, revenue, and impact score. Scan the QR code below to apply on behalf of your organization before August 31, 2022.