Eco Innovation Awards 2022

FALL 2022 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 57 ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 STEVE MELLER, CEO SOLUTIONS FOR DECREASING LIVESTOCKLINKED METHANE CH4 Global™, Inc. provides seaweedbased Asparagopsis products to farmers worldwide so they can dramatically reduce the methane emissions of their livestock and realize significant value in the process. By supplementing up to 1% of daily cattle food intake with Asparagopsis, methane production can be reduced up to 90%. "Today’s leaders face the challenge of meeting high expectations while adapting to rapid change," says Miller. "To make transformational changes, leaders must combine a vision of a new future that can inspire change, plus display optimism and action for progress with their own organizations and beyond. Collaboration is at the heart, and the key to success, for any business practice. For social impact, it is especially important to inspire people with the vision for the future and then enable the right people with the right tools and capabilities and skills to create that future. Leaders must have the courage and trust to let them do it. Social movements are inherently about change and effective (and successful) leaders truly understand that to effect change in a meaningful systemic and sustainable way, they must do things differently." 46. CH4 GLOBAL 49. THE REFILL SHOPPE REDUCING WASTE IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY The Refill Shoppe was founded on the premise that we should all be able to get just what we need without anything we don't need – such as trash, waste, unhealthy ingredients, destructive ingredients, or synthetic fragrances. The Refill shop offers in-person refills or zerowaste bath, body, home, and beauty refills shipped directly to customers thanks to its Sudscription™ and refill program. It donates to environmental non-profits, and plants one tree for every order shipped. 48. PEARL CERTIFICATION INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND VALUE FOR HOMEOWNERS Pearl certifies homes with efficient appliances, heating and cooling systems, insulation, solar and batteries, smart home devices, and other features that make them efficient, resilient, and healthy. Pearl incentivizes homeowners to make these improvements through its third-party certification, which helps them capture the value of these investments in a future appraisal. Its platform creates a network effect to drive scale and enhance relationships with contractors, real estate agents, appraisers, lenders, insurers, and utilities. The certification system and platform create a sticky relationship between homeowners and network partners, impacting the existing home, new build, real estate, and energy markets. HAL HINKLE, CEO DRIVEN TO DECARBONIZE THE BUILT WORLD BamCore is pioneering climatepositive building materials, methods, and designs that reduce and remove greenhouse gases, turn buildings into carbon sinks, and also mitigate the housing crisis, skilled labor shortage, and global rural poverty 47. BAMCORE -- all while saving the builder cost, labor, and time. "Change is about moving us from where we are, to where we aren't," says Hinkle. "Transformational change will bring about uncertainty and discomfort. Your idea has to make fundamental sense for humanity (or at least portions of it), or it's not truly transformational. You have to believe your idea is valuable enough that you'll make huge life-sized sacrifices for it, or others won't follow. And when doubt hits, you have to figure out how to press on, or vital momentum will dissipate. The leader is the keeper and sharer of the vision over all this, showing over and over again that where we can be, is better than where we are now. Start here: Embrace that it is not easy. If it was easy, somebody else would have already done it. Most things that aren't easy can be broken down into smaller parts and smaller steps until they are more obviously doable. It's our job to listen and then break down the total problem, allocate out the smaller threads, follow those single threads and then weave them back together. This is exhausting, but it's the only way you end up with a whole fabric solution that will hopefully advance the vision. Today's world is too complicated for single-path solutions. Until all the players in the game believe that collaboration is needed to win, you'll limp along with sub-optimal results and incomplete solutions. I'd rather have a small collaborative team than a larger team of independents."