Eco Innovation Awards 2022

56 REAL-LEADERS.COM / FALL 2022 ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 41. GREEN BADGER EMPOWERING CONTRACTORS TO BUILD MORE SUSTAINABLY Green Badger is a software platform that streamlines and automates green construction compliance — from jobsite ESG tracking to LEED certification. Its cloud-based platforms let project teams collaborate in the office or in the field while eliminating spreadsheets, instantly verifying green products, validating sustainable construction practices, providing transparency, and offering corporate data analytics. In April 2022, Green Badger registered its 1,000th project, averaging a 65% reduction in the labor hours which can be reinvested into constructing sustainable buildings. 42. BIO RAW PLANT BASED AND ON THE WAY TO ZERO WASTE BIO RAW delivers plantbased, gluten free, certified organic, nutritionist-crafted meals in eco-friendly packaging across Toronto, Canada. Through its waste diversion project, it has partnered with a local waste collection agency to ensure that any waste produced in the production of its meals is responsibly diverted from landfills and transformed into resources whenever possible. Since it has started the project, it has increased its waste diversion rate from 41.35% in April 2021 to 85.18% in March 2022, and is working to become one of the first facilities in North America to be Zero Waste Certified. 44. ECOLOGIC SOLUTIONS CLEANER SOLUTIONS FOR CLEANING EcoLogic Solutions' Electro-Chemically Activated (ECA) cleaning and disinfection technology is an alternative to everyday products that are polluting, toxic, and mass-used across many market verticals– from indoor hydroponic farms to cruise ships, food production to healthcare. Its clean-technology detergent and disinfectant decontaminate the air and surfaces while reducing plastics, toxics and carbon emissions. It uses an environmental calculator to deliver a metric of how many pounds of plastic, hazardous chemicals and emissions its program eliminates. 45. NATUREPEDIC ORGANIC, NON-TOXIC BEDDING FOR INFANTS Infants spend a large part of their days in contact with their crib mattress. Naturepedic manufactures certified organic kids and adult mattresses, without using toxic chemicals, while meeting the strict chemical standards from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The inside of the crib mattress is coated with polyethylene made from sugarcane using its patented process, instead of toxic chemicals such as flame retardants and polyurethane foam. Naturepedic also works with environmental organizations to advocate for the elimination of toxic chemicals from consumer products and from the environment. LUTHER GARCIA, CEO HELPING BUILDING OWNERS INCREASE EFFICIENCIES Animated Insights™ is an AI platform that helps building owners eliminate waste and increase operational efficiency. Its deployment can contribute to a 50% increase in sustainability and resiliency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint to lessen environmental impact. Animated Insights has deployed it platform in approximately five million square feet of commercial real estate, including New York City’s iconic Chrysler Building. "If a single human being can imagine just about anything, then a group of human beings can be assembled with the right talents and skills to come together and turn that vision into reality," says Garcia. "That’s really what entrepreneurial leadership is all about, and there is nothing more transformational than that. Face your problems head on. Don’t hide from them. If you miss the mark with a customer one time, and the customer is kind enough to let you know, thank that customer and face the problems that got you there and correct them and ensure they never happen again. One of our mantras is only make new mistakes, don’t keep repeating old ones. Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, that you don’t have to micromanage, then empower them, and set them up to succeed." 43. ANIMATED INSIGHTS “YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CLEAR VISION OF WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE OR CREATE, AND THEN YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SHARE THAT VISION IN A WAY THAT INSPIRES OTHERS TO BELIEVE IN IT, WHETHER EMPLOYEES, PARTNERS, CUSTOMERS, OR INVESTORS.” — LUTHER GARCIA, ANIMATED INSIGHTS