Eco Innovation Awards 2022

FALL 2022 / REAL-LEADERS.COM 55 ECO INNOVATION AWARDS 2022 SEAN COMBS, CEO CURBING WASTE AT LIVE EVENTS This year and next, the business world will begin to fully embrace the return to live events, conferences, and trade shows. Steelhead Productions seeks to significantly reduce the amount of trade show marketing waste that ends up in landfills. Its solution is to divert what would otherwise be landfill-bound waste and invest in structural environmental components which are reused/shared from brand to brand. Since 2018, Steelhead has converted over 80 brands to its access over ownership model. "Leadership that places more value on the vision and where you want to be as a group, and is less specific about “how” you get there, opens infinite possibilities," says Combs. "Explaining the purpose, and consistently communicating ‘why’ we are headed in the direction we are, creates the clarity and freedom others need to be innovative and execute. Leading is ultimately about achieving results and productivity through others. Be clear about the vision, the objectives, and the purpose of each. Then, get out of the way and support the efforts of those executing. There is strength in numbers. Collaboration allows for more ideas, diverse opinions, and more creativity to solve problems." 36. STEELHEAD PRODUCTIONS 37. HYDROPOINT DATA SYSTEMS CONSERVING WATER WITH REAL-TIME LEAK DETECTION HydroPoint provides onsite smart water management solutions to address systemic water waste. Its WaterCompass leak detection and water use analytics service provides customers with real-time visibility to their onsite water usage. Utilizing sensors, analytics, and a full-time team of water experts, WaterCompass enables customers from retail to multi-family housing, government entities and others, to achieve their water and sustainability goals. 39. GREEN CANOPY NODE HIGH-QUALITY, SUSTAINABLE & HEALTHY HOMES Green Canopy NODE focuses on reducing urban sprawl, decreasing vehicle miles traveled, increasing neighborhood resilience and inclusivity, and protecting surrounding wildlands. In partnership with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, it built seven Net Zero Energy Ready, all-electric homes that are rented to families earning 60% to 80% of the area median income. These homes feature advanced building science and ultra-efficient systems and tools and earned the project a 4-Star Built Green Certification. Over a 20-year lifespan, the energy savings of these homes compared to a typical Seattle home is equivalent to 26,663 lbs of carbon. 38. GROGURU GOOD FOR FARMERS, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT GroGuru focuses on strategic water management for commercial farmers, helping them make more money by increasing crop yield and utilizing scarce resources, such as water, in a more efficient and sustainable way. With food security and water conservation in mind, it provides hardwareenabled software as a service. This software collects data from soil sensors at the root zone of the crop, passes that data up to the Cloud, applies machine learning and artificial intelligence, and then provides insights to farmers about when and how much to optimally irrigate their crops. Each year, farmers typically experience a 10-20% increase in crop yield and decrease in input costs. 40. CUBICFARM SYSTEMS DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGY TO FEED OUR CHANGING WORLD CubicFarms is an ag-tech company founded by farmers. Its products enable farmers to maximize cubic square footage, minimize natural resource use, and support food security by maximizing crop yield. The CubicFarm System uses patented Crop Motion Technology for indoor growing of fresh produce. A new high-density FreshHub with 96 stacked modules on one acre of land will grow the same amount as 100 acres of outdoor growing. HydroGreen, a division of CubicFarms, produces a commercial scale Automated Vertical Pastures that allows farmers to grow fresh, nutritious livestock feed year round. “THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. COLLABORATION ALLOWS FOR MORE IDEAS, DIVERSE OPINIONS, AND MORE CREATIVITY TO SOLVE PROBLEMS.” — SEAN COMBS, STEELHEAD PRODUCTIONS